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As you all know, i host a lot of giveaways and my last two recently ended. If you want proof that they were legit go here. This macbook was originally going to be given away a few months ago but i changed blogs and kinda forgot about it as i had other giveaways running. I am hoping to make one lucky person happy by giving this away. And I hope this makes 2014 the best year of their life. Our family is pretty well off so none of us need to sell it for money. It was mine for a while and is in great condition and will be reformatted so nothing is on it. :)

Here’s how this will work:

  • You have to be following me. I am checking who is following, and the winner will be re-drawn if they aren’t following me. I am a quality blog that you’ll love anyway, so dont worry
  • Likes do not count for anything, only reblogs will count. You can reblog this as many times as you’d like. Do not create any extra blogs. you can also like the post as a bookmark, but likes will not be counted.
  • Winner will be chosen like as if it were a raffle drawing. And will be contacted via tumblr messages, so make sure that you have that on/open.
  • You have until May 20th, 2014 (australian date) to reblog this post. A winner will be chosen using a generator and then I will message them. If the winner doesnt reply within a week then I will choose different. I will post their URL on my blog too
  • This giveaway will be shipped to anywhere in the world, I will be paying for shipping so don’t worry guys. Good luck!


  • MacBook pro
  • Original box
  • Charger cable
  • keyboard cover (blue)
  • 32gb USB stick

Ends on May 20th, 2014 (australian date)

—- REMEMBER, you must follow ME for your entry to count. —-


And also, if you’d like to learn how to make some extra cash by testing out apps on your smartphone, click here and read the post. It will make you happy even if you dont win xx

Good luck and stay lovely!

  • Cas:

    Dean. Dean!

  • Dean:

    Cas, what's wrong?

  • Cas:

    There was a man in the supermarket who knows who I am. He knew I was an angel!

  • Dean:

    Shit, Cas. Are you okay? Are you hurt?

  • Cas:

    I'm fine, Dean.

  • Dean:

    What did he do to you?

  • Cas:

    He gave me his phone number.

  • Dean:

    He... He gave you his phone number?

  • Cas:


  • Dean:

    Cas, what happened exactly?

  • Cas:

    I was paying for the groceries when the man behind me asked if it hurt when I fell from Heaven.

  • Cas:

    Why are you laughing, Dean?

  • Cas:





I wish dates didn’t have such strong romantic attachment to them.

Like, I wish I could go up to a friend of mine and be like, “Hey I want to take you to a nice restaurant. Let’s get dressed up fancy and go.”

We’d go have a fancyass dinner, but there’d be no romantic involvement.

I wish platonic dates were a common thing.

I would take each and every one of you on platonic dates.








don’t forget to work up a little “seriously?” sneer as you squint

That will destroy him. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

I don’t know, it kind of seems like a dick move if you ask me.

reblogging for that ^

you know what’s a dick move? men not realising how degrading it is to have someone stare at your breasts, making women feel like sex toys on display, like their words are meaningless as the person they are talking to only seems to be interested in what their body has to offer. that’s a dick move. 

i think someone missed the pun

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If this gets 100,000 notes my older brother will name his kid Hermione



You don’t understand;

My brother and his wife are both dentists. They just found out the sex of their baby is a girl.

I’m trying to convince them to name the baby Hermione.

My brother said if I get 100,000 notes he’ll make it her middle name.

Help me have the coolest niece EVER

If this doesn’t happen I will be thoroughly displeased.

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